Book Review: The Vintage Tea Party Book

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"To help with organising the perfect party comes a very timely, and quintessentially British book "The Vintage Tea Party Book" by Angel Adoree. Angel set up the Vintage Patisserie in 2007, turning tea party dreams into reality and offering customers the complete experience, including dance, music and make up and of course a delectable menu. Her new book embraces the style and class of the Vintage Patisserie and illustrates how to beautifully recreate the tasty treats and classic styles of a magical golden era in your very own home with elegance and glamour and make your party go with a swing!"

The Vintage Tea Party Book has so much whimsy in it you can't help but feel like a child while reading it. It's filled with fanciful sketches on every page, photos of recipes done with unique containers and table decor, and sweet introductions for every recipe and craft.

What you'll find in this book: tea time recipes, both traditional and innovative (in metric but with US measurement conversions listed); encouragement on how to create a tea party (brunch, afternoon tea, or evening meal); libation recipes involving tea; parlor games; decor and craft instructions; tips on creating a vintage look in makeup, hairdo, and outfit; background on British tidbits like the Union Jack and what it represents.

What you won't find in this book: history lessons; education about different types of tea; instructions for brewing the perfect cup.

That said, it delivers on exactly what it claims to be- an instructional and entertaining book about how to host a small gathering (tea being the central, not sole, theme) with a vintage flair.

Lacking the necessary style and panache, I doubt I will ever host a vintage-style tea party (or any party), but I earmarked several recipes to try. They all sound delicious and are fairly uncomplicated. And the crafts are sweet, as well.

I recommend this for fans not just of tea, but of tea parties or the concept of parlor gatherings; fans of British traditions; vintage fans (especially the 1940's); bakers looking for something sweet and new to try out; fans of whimsy. Honestly, this book is visually just plain fun to read through. It makes a great coffee table book, and gift.

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