Born Pretty and The Second Chance

After my first experience with Born Pretty Store, they kindly reached out to me to try and right some of my frustrations.
I was sent the following items for review, and overall I'd say my experience this time is better than last time:

This adorable ring set...
gold and rhinestone leaves
gold heart, which didn't have all the backing removed (once again, a jewelry mold issue- it's supposed to be a heart cutout)
two plain gold bands

My thoughts: These were cute, and worth the $3 price tag, even considering the heart-shaped ring wasn't finished (I can probably take a dremel to it to clean it up).
The problem was that they're very, very tiny.
I wear a size 7 ring, and these couldn't get past my pinky knuckle. I'm guessing they're a size 4, which is great for little kids, not so much for me.

These palm-shaped illusion pearl earrings...

My thoughts: Lightweight, dainty and very feminine. I don't often wear small earrings, but these are DARLING and I love them. Plus, they're only $1.50.
Definitely worth the purchase, and I recommend it for those who enjoy wearing stud earrings.

This Galaxy Earring set...
My thoughts: Another set of small studs that weren't nearly as tiny as I'd feared! I love the mismatched quality of them, and the slightly shimmer enameled blue of the planet and moon earrings. These are lightweight and fun, and didn't irritate my ears at all. 

This Gemstone Waterdrop Ribbon Necklace...
My thoughts: This lightweight statement necklace is definitely costume jewelry, but it's awesome. The plastic gems look real, with refraction (and rhinestones) and depth. The ribbon is a sweet touch that I imagine will wear quickly (but the ends have jump rings, so when it does you can just replace it with chain). I love this and look forward to wearing it again, often.

The thing that continues to impress me is how responsive Born Pretty Store folks are. While I'm still waiting on that refund from returning the 75 mashed metal rose rings, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these pieces (and by their customer service folks wanting to make things right).
Plus, at such low prices, it's hard not to justify buying more of their pretties.

The Verdict: Despite a shaky start, I'm back on board with Born Pretty Store jewelry (and nail goodies, home and office decor, etc).

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