Favorite Color Swap Show-Off

You know I love me some color, especially with all the painting of the new house I've been doing.

For this swap, I was partnered with the fantastic Amanda at Funky Frugal Mommy.
Amanda is Canadian, and crafty, and has three adorable littles.
I've been a fan of hers for many years, as her crafts are very user-friendly, and she's an all-around sweet gal. Go check her blog out!


She sent me a HUGE box of goodies!

Does she know Fedora and I are obsessed with candles?
I love all three of these (the one on the right is a citronella candle, perfect for when we have summer dinners outside!)

Plus, delicious Canadian goodies!
We'll be in Calgary next month, so this is a great intro to Canadian junk food.

I love these journals! Plus a cute green manicure set, seeds for my new garden, and tissue paper (which I always forget to get, for swaps!)

A handmade crayon art canvas, my own blank canvas, RETRP NEON SHARPIES, a rainbow pencil, and beading/crafting goodies to play with.

More goodwill from Canada!

I LOVE that mint green crown cookie cutter. It's so very Printcess!

And this beauty is going on the door to my new craft room.
She's a mint green SPARKLY wooden letter that Amanda handmade.

Palm tree ice cube tray (we might also be a wee bit obsessed with shaped ice cubes, and someday I'll be making candies in our collection of them!), classic movie, handheld fan (which I need- it's been over 85 degrees here), sweet giraffe S&P shakers, and a USB converter.

That's a lot of goodies!
Thank you so much, Amanda, for spoiling me rotten. 
I love all the green goodies and can't wait to decorate with them (as soon as we move and unpack!)

(the snacks definitely won't last that long, though)

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