House update

Today we move into our brand new house!

Here she is....


The back yard, when tamed

Our shared-access waterfront lot and boat launch

The Great Room, before

The kitchen, before

The dining room, before

After the first 6 hours of painting

The Great Room, after

The master bedroom (blue/seafoam green)

Guest bedroom #2 
(I ended up selecting the Printcess logo color shade of green without realizing it!)

The kitchen, after (can you tell I hate white walls?)

The hallway is in "June Bud", a very light color that shifts from ice blue to spring green, depending on the light. Which drove my camera crazy. That's why you don't see a pic of the actual hallway.

Now we just need to finish the house chores, tame the yard, unpack, settle in, and name the house something appropriately geeky (Hogwarts Braavos Lothlórien Serenity Abbey seemed too long).