Eye of the Week: Smilla's Sense of Snow

It's been awhile since I did an Eye of the Week post. Let's blame moving and pretend I didn't get too lazy to wear makeup for a month, ok?

This is Printcess Alibi in the inner corner (pulling a vanishing act under some lights, and showing as shimmery light blue under others), The Chase in the outer corner, and Clue as a liner on the top lids and outer waterline.

Following Pinterest advice, I applied way above my eyelid folds. 
And I don't think I'll try that again.
It looks a bit too Bad 1980's Music Video to me (not just because it's blue, but because it's just too bold).
I also tried a different brow pencil this time around and it made them way too dark.
I'm still working on my brow game. :/

What makeup are YOU rocking this week?

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