Garage Defender Home Security Review

My childhood house was broken into THREE times (once while we were home!). During those break-ins, thieves stole every single heirloom from my four grandparents (all of whom had passed away within the year), injured my dog, rifled through my underwear....I have a continued paranoia about break-ins since then. In each instance, they came through our garage.

I was lucky enough to receive Garage Defender from Tomoson (in exchange for my honest review about it). This is how Garage Defender works and why it's crucial:

As you know, we recently bought a house. And then we took a trip to Canada, for a convention. I was super nervous about leaving our house empty for a week. We live in a great area, but it's not crime-free, and it's so very easy to break in through a garage. So I was eager to get this installed before we left. It was both easier and faster to install than I expected:

(for the record, we never recovered a single heirloom from those break-ins during my youth. Not one. Insurance replaced the electronics, but the rest was probably traded to pawn shops, lost to us forever. Thieves are subhuman.)

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