Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil Review

Ever since the amazing Katie sent me some essential oil for last year's Mug o' Comfort Swap, I've been obsessed. Essential oil is so good for SO many things, from psychological health, to beauty, to recipes, to cleaning the house.

Normally, though, it's out of my price range so I hoard it.
And then I stumbled upon Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil*.

Lift Care is a cosmetics company that focuses on skin rejuvenation and anti-aging products. They make the very intriguing Lift Wand and Lift Bar....but for now, I'm focusing on their spa treatment essential oils.

Their lemon essential oil is cold-pressed and highly concentrated (don't apply directly to skin, without a carrier oil!).

This lemon essential oil smells just like a rind- very pure, and not overwhelming in scent. I was honestly surprised how non-perfumey it is. YAY!
And trust me, 4 ounces of concentrated essential oil is enough for plenty of uses.

Here are ways I'm using it this summer:

I can't wait to try:

Want to learn more about LiftCare and their beauty and health offerings? Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

*Thanks to Tomoson. I received a sample for free, in exchange for my honest review of the product. And now that I've found an affordable essential oil company I'm diving further in!

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