Turn Socks into Fingerless Gloves

Fedora is a big fan of the 1987 TV show, Beauty and the Beast. And so I'm BATB-adjacent (I recall watching it when it aired, and liking it), which means we go to the conventions every few years. Yes, 28 years after the TV show first aired, there are still conventions devoted to it. And the fans are some of the nicest romantics you'll ever meet.

So in honor of those Below, in the show (and the Tunnel Togs panel I'm hosting tomorrow at con), I'm sharing my tutorial on how to easily and quickly turn socks into fingerless gloves.

Step 1: Procure sock. Any length can be used, but the best is mid-calf, for fashion, or knee/tube socks, for costuming. I prefer using a knit colored sock but a white tube sock can be easily dyed if desired.

Assuming your sock is clean, this is a great way to upcycle socks with holes (and it makes a fun gift)

Step 2: Cut straight across, just above the heel bit (where the sock would naturally intersect your ankle).

You may want to double check that the length is good. In this state, you want it up to or just covering your elbow.
Don't feel like sewing? Stop here and you've got an arm sleeve. Tada!
(the knit fabric won't really unravel, so you don't have to worry about hemming)

Step 3: Mark 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" below the top of the sock. 

Step 4: Cut a slit about 1" long from the marked area downward (this is for your thumb).

Step 5: Thread a needle, and knot the thread. I use contrasting colors because it's more fun, and costumey.

Step 6: Using a blanket stitch, sew around the hole, to keep it from widening. Technically, if you aren't going to wear these much, you can skip this step and take your chances. If your non-reinforced thumbhole widens with wear, you can cut it down and repurpose it as an arm sleeve. 
But I prefer reinforcing that hole with a simple stitch, just to be on the safe side.

This is a blanket stitch. YouTube has better tutorials.

This is roughly what it looks like when you're finished- a nice embellishment that also keeps the threads happy.

Step 7: Try it on! 

The fitted top of the sock is now a snug hand-hugging part of the glove, and the rest covers your forearm.
I'm always amazed at how comfortable these are, providing breathable insulation as well as pizzaz. 

And there you go- a super simple craft for costuming or fashion, that anyone with a sock can do!

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