40 Before 40 check-in

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm beginning to wonder WHYcommitted to a decade-long to-do list, but I have 6 years to go before counting off the unfinished items. Actually, I've done pretty well, considering. Yay lists and goals!

Here's the explanation on the ones crossed off during my early 30's.

  1. Learn to play the fiddle, in order to play Irish fiddle tunes 
  2. Finish my Oz novel with Pat
  3. Get my weight down to 160 lbs before I have my first child 
  4. Plant a tree for each child, when they are conceived 
  5. Own my own home<---Bought in May, still settling in!
  6. Spend time with the San Juan orcas every year as often as I can
  7. Adopt an orca from each pod (j, k, and l)
  8. Travel to the Middle East and/or Northern Africa and/or Oceania and/or Asia 
  9. Act on stage again
  10. Pay off all my college debt 
  11. Make a Victorian costume for myself 
  12. Make a Regency costume for myself
  13. Learn how to make sushi (and make some)<---Thanks to my sister-in-law, who had a sushi-making birthday party!
  14. Read at least 12 books per year 
  15. Volunteer regularly 
  16. Get married (SOON!)
  17. Learn how to garden successfully 
  18. Live in a more sustainable manner (less waste, more organic, more local products) 
  19. Sew more everyday outfits for myself
  20. Workout in some way (30 minutes of cardio) at least 4 times per week 
  21. Communicate more effectively/often with my gods (not sure yet if this is 'learn how to ask', 'learn how to listen', or both) 
  22. Submit a manuscript for publication (Ok, this is the big priority for this Winter)
  23. Craft more
  24. Assist with my parents' retirement 
  25. Learn how to brew my own beer 
  26. Learn how to say "no" more effectively 
  27. Beef up my retirement account 
  28. Live Vacation on a farmstay for some amount of time
  29. Go sailing aboard a tallship again
  30. Make a feast and invite friends over for every solstice and equinox
  31. Eat less packaged food and more fresh fruits, veggies, and meats 
  32. Learn how to milk a cow or goat
  33. Learn how to shoot a gun
  34. Perfect my archery skills 
  35. Leverage my crafting and sewing skills into something that earns me money<---Let's count Printcess as a "crafting skill" that "earns me money". Ha.
  36. Own a dog again
  37. Learn how to wear makeup in a way that is sexy and youthful
  38. Learn how to walk in heels
  39. Try pilates
  40. Don't sweat the small stuff

13 to go, and six years left. I feel pretty on-track here, even though I only knocked out three of my goals this past year. Still, I accomplished plenty of things NOT on that list, so I'm okay with it. My path seems fairly clear for year 34: write write write, sew more, submit manuscript for publication.

What're your big goals??

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