Friday Confessional


I confess...
Last weekend provided compounding stress, with a huge flea infestation in the house (we're still trying to eradicate them all) and our dryer giving up the ghost. So, as you can imagine, my health is not any better. In fact, it was Migraine Monday because of all that.

I confess...
But in THE BEST NEWS SINCE WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE, our sewer is now working. Words can't describe how heavenly it was to take a shower on Tuesday, and to be able to use the toilet for the first time in weeks.

I confess...
I was mistaken on the gifter of this FANDOM loose leaf was the awesome Katie of KT's Nails!
It was during a difficult time with contractors and sewer problems and poor health, and it brightened my week. It also provided tasty moments of satisfaction during my stressful workdays. PLUS it's the kind of handmade goodie (for the Etsy Swap) that I don't expect. Bonus all around!