Local Flavor Swap Show-Off

This may be the most fortuitously-timed swap package ever.
You guys know I've been struggling with bad health recently, as well as major sewer issues (that are still happening....can you say 'chamberpot'?).
I've cried almost every day for the past week (and I'm not a crier, because crying gives me migraines, so that's not helping).

But then on Monday, after crying over the fact that we have to destroy our backyard as part of this sewer repair process, I checked the mail...and voila:
My Local Flavor Swap package had arrived!

I was partnered with Katy from Plays Well with Coffee (a great blog title and life motto!). She lives in West Virginia, which is a state I know basically nothing about, despite the fact that I was born in Virginia.

For example, did you know that Black Dog Coffee (whose tagline is "coffee so fresh you'll want to slap it") is located there, and roasts all their own beans in-house?
I thought you had to be in western WA to get that kind of awesomeness!
Plus, this mug is something like 24 ounces, which will help me stick to my "just one mug of coffee a day" rule.

Also, did you know about WhiteHouse and Blue Smoke?
They both source local fruits and veggies and make everything in-house, just like on a country farmstead!
West Virginia must be a garden, because this peach salsa is divine, as is the strawberry applesauce. Also, Katy knows the owner of Blue Smoke and she's apparently good people. I can't even say that about my boss, let alone the owner of the company I work for. YAY!

That is also some tasty natural hickory-smoked sea salt. I have to up my salt intake these days, so this is perfect. It's just lightly smoked, so it works great for finishing on meats.

And have to ever had Route 11 Potato Chips? This is yet another witty, puntastic company that produces kettle-cooked potato chips in fun flavors like Chesapeake Crab. No, there isn't real crab in there, but the seasonings are spicy and salty, apparently just like what you'd season fresh Maryland crabs with (which Katy knows, being originally from Maryland). My crab experience is very limited, but these chips were wonderful- and spicier than I expected! If Maryland eats their crabs this spicy, I am totally going there and gorging myself.

And in the bottom left corner there is a sweet little heart-shaped treat of nuts and fruit, totally gluten-free and dairy-free and thus went straight into my mouth. 

Thank you so much, Katy, for a wonderful package of tasty treats. It truly could not have arrived at a better time, and did wonders for cheering me up. I even shared a bit with Fedora! 

And if you guys don't know Katy, I highly recommend her blog. For one thing, she and her man are crafty-pants folks that do amazing things like this Coffee Mug Holder (now on the to-make list for us). For another, her puppy is so cute it hurts.

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