Summer Etsy Swap goodness!

The biggest hazard of hosting a swap blog is that you find amazing swaps. And then, of course, you want to join them all. Or at least, as many as financially possible.

When I ran across this one, hosted by Writing in Red Lipstick, I jumped on board without a second thought.

I was paired with the amazingly generous Katie, of KT's Nails, whom I know from Chaotic Goddess Swaps and her generally being a nail art badass. She's also a Halloween fan, and perusing her Etsy wishlist it was clear that she'll be hosting the best haunted houses. :)

She was, in a nutshell, amazingly generous. AND talented. She sent:
Fandom tea: The Fresh Books smells EXACTLY like opening a book. The Chai is nice and spicy, and the Cream Earl Grey makes me feel so Picard, I'm almost bald. ;)

A Polyjuice Potion flask! What I put in flasks definitely makes me feel like another person....

A beautiful handmade card, Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear polish in a pretty blue, chalkboard labels, kraft paper labels, and HANDMADE geekdom bookmarks.

Wash (*sobs*), Serenity (didn't show up in the photo, but she hand painted that Mandarin "logo"), TARDIS, Dalek battle cry, and a Dalek, complete with studs and all. 
These are amazing. The talent....I am just floored.

THANK YOU, KATIE! I love (and have been using) everything you sent. 

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