Friday Confessional: Happy Mail Time

I confess...
This week has been super long, super busy, and then I got happy mail. Who doesn't love happy mail?!

Cindy, the classy lady who blogs over at Classic on the Sidewalk was my Books 'n' Bloggers partner. She sent me this awesome package:

1) A book from my wishlist is Rebel Princess, written by the same author who wrote The Canterbury Papers, and it continues the story of Alais Capet, feisty real-life princess and daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

2) A book she loved is A Certain Slant of Light, which I've never seen before but looks really interesting. Ghost meets romance meets contemporary meets YA...yes, please!

3) A book she hasn't read yet but wants to is The Little Paris Bookshop. Interestingly, it caught her eye half a year ago, in Germany (before it was translated to English and released in the U.S.)! I've seen mixed reviews on it, but I admit the premise is adorable. Books as remedies for life ailments? That's about right!

She also sent German candies (yay!) and this adorable handmade bookmark flag and wee clothespin.

Thank you, Cindy! 
I can't wait to read them all- and I'll definitely share my review on Goodreads. I'm curious what you think of the books I picked out for you!

I confess...
Next up was Miss Angie of My So-Called Chaos being the generous, awesome friend she is. Check out her birthday/housewarming gift:

Gorgeous ceramic pumpkin camera can't quite capture the color but it's a delicate ice blue.

Plus three gorgeous nail polishes (a blurple, a super sparkly silver, and a teal holo). The teal is called Rehab, which is about what I need for my book addiction!

She also found two really interesting-looking books for me. 
This is the thing with Angie- every time she's sent me books, it's been ones I've never heard of before, that turn out to be really good. She has book ESP or something.

Thank you, Angie! 

I confess...
What with all my health woes and family drama and deaths and work stress, these two packages were excellently timed to bring joy. And, of course, the thrill of good lit. Yay!


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