Handmade Love: Big Damn Heroes

I love Firefly (and Serenity) so much, it was hard to limit myself to just 13 goodies. This is one of those rare fandoms that will always be in my heart, and my life, even though I no longer cosplay as Zoe.

1. Cunning and Blue Print by Karen Hallion

2. Big Damn Heroes Chocolate Pineapple Lip Gloss by Merchant of Gallifrey

3. Firefly Retro Noir-Style Movie Poster by Elle is a Monster

4. Wash Quote Necklace by Craft Like a Monkey

5. Firefly Etched Pint Glass by Silverblatt Design

6. Serenity Ornament by Wired Life

7. 57th Overlanders Brigade Quote T-Shirt by Unicorn Empire

8. Serenity Ring by Geekonista

9. Firefly Flask by A Grimm Design

10. Mal Poster by Penny Printable

11. Fruity, Oaty Bar Tote Bag by Cosplay Fun

12. Jayne's Hat Earrings by Raggedy Fox

13. Shiny Print by Tiny House Prints

Keep flying, Browncoats!

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