Top 10 Tuesday: Series I Haven't Yet Finished

This one has been on my mind a lot lately. If I've started a series, and it's good but maybe not great (or great but maybe I read the last book years ago and I can't remember a lot of it), should I make it a point to finish the series? Or just keep picking up new series?

This week's topic is: 
Top Ten Finished Series that I Have Yet to Finish

Are you shocked? I haven't read Book 7.

I know.

I haven't read beyond Knife of Dreams, and that was so many years ago, I'd have to start the series over to remember where everyone was and who was who (beyond the six MCs).

I really need to just check the final book out of the library already, but I'm afraid I don't recall a lot of the finer details of the plot.

Considering I own them all, I really have no excuse here.

I accidentally read these out of order, but basically I have 5 to go, and a hesitancy to read the Paxton ones.

ONLY ONE BOOK LEFT! Why can't I finish this series?!

I felt like the story concluded after City of Glass, and I didn't feel driven by the plot to continue reading on.

Wideacre was so good, and so disturbing, that I bought the second and third books but haven't yet mentally prepared myself to read them. And now, I've forgotten a lot of the details of the first book.

Again with the "why didn't I finish this series decades ago?!"

This is a more recently-read series for me, so there's hope. Plus, it's only the final book that I haven't read.