Friday Confessional: I've returned to Hogwarts!


I confess...
The past 4 weeks have been so stressful and exhausting and unrelenting, I was basically a quivering mass of can't-deal by last Friday. So I did something foolhardy and spontaneous: I booked a trip back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I confess...

Is this the wisest thing to do with my limited funds? Don't care. I needed the biggest break from all the stress that I could create, and this is it.

I confess...
If you need me, I'll be in Florian Fortenescue's, jamming my face full of his AMAZING ice cream. Or watching that fire-breathing dragon atop Gringott's (seriously, the security in that place has gone downhill). Or generally causing mayhem and mischief with the best partner in crime a gal could ask for.

Catch you on the muggle side!

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