Friday Confessional & Story Sprites Recap

I confess...
I'm addicted to bookish challenges and games.
Bookish BINGO went away (and then came back?!), so I'm doing Story Sprites.
For now. 
Thanks to Great Imaginations for hosting this fun game!

I confess...
I finished THREE paths this time around (and I was only aiming for two. So definitely Wahoo!)

Texts from Jane Eyre: Primary-colored cover

Breadcrumbs: Fairytale Retelling

Bradstreet Gate: Features more than 1 female protagonist

The Girl with All the Gifts: Book with a virus/outbreak

Austensibly Ordinary: Cover with a blonde

Austentatious: Female-fronted fantasy 

The Ghost Bride: Book with angels/demons

Between the Lines: Forbidden Romance

Lola and the Boy Next Door: Book set in California

Scarlet: Cover with Silver Lettering

Hood: First book in a series

A Northern Light: Historical YA

I confess...
I have other exciting book-related news to share with you guys, but I have to wait until Monday to announce it. I'm super pumped about it! Sorry to be a tease...


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