Friday Confessional: Where's the handbrake on October?


Where's the damned handbrake on this runaway train?!

I confess...
Work. Work work work work work.
It's taken over my life like a cancer, and it's eating away at all of my grand plans (for the house, for Printcess, for reading, for baking, for everything). So I am constantly exhausted, feeling guilty for falling behind on all the things, feel trapped in this cycle of overtime and stress, and feeling depressed because this is not what I wanted for myself.

And also feeling sick, because this kind of high-intensity, life-hijacking stress causes my EBV and arthritis flare-ups.
Worst of all, I have no outlet for it except to complain on here, and you guys don't need that. :(

I confess...
Now that I've got that whinging out of the way, can we talk about how Fall weather makes me happy?
I loves it, my precious.

I confess...
One bright spot? I scored a gorgeous pair o' boots from Torrid!