Know Thyself Book Tag

I'm only reasonably late to this party.

Some of the fun of not being considered a 'proper book blogger' (because I blog about things OTHER than books, I guess?) is that I find out about fun tags and memes way late and totally by coincidence.

Thanks to Tomes and Tea for this fun gathering of most of my bookish fandoms. Muahaha!


Well, I'm clearly a Ravenclaw. I have traits of Hufflepuff and Slytherin, but more by far in Ravenclaw. This is even more true for how I was as a school-aged kid than today.


Technically, I'd be Divergent along with everyone else. But in terms of what faction I'd thrive best in if I was forced to pick's a toss up between Erudite (me and loving knowledge!) and Amity (me and hating conflict!).


OK, I am 2 seasons behind right now, so this could be way off the mark. But since Season 1 I've seen myself as House Mormont. Valiantly defending my home while my husband is out earning our food? Sounds about right.


I'm not sure how I'd get to choose this, since it seems to be geography-driven in the novels. But if I was choosing based on my skill set, I'd have to go with District 4. Fishing, swimming, and related activities are right up my alley.


I only read the first book in this series, and there's always some cringing about how modern authors interpret Greek deities. I'm a Hellenistic Pagan, so Greek gods and goddesses are a subject near and dear to me. From what I recall of how they're portrayed, against the ones I most strongly follow, I have to go with Hermes, my main men. Er, god.


Love has always been a driving force in my life. I really disliked this series (or the first book, anyway, which is as far as I could push myself with it). But this one is an easy choice.


Well, I'm not disciplined enough to be a Jedi, evil enough to be a Sith, privileged enough to be a Senate member or short enough to hide out with the Ewoks. I'm just gonna hitch a ride with Serenity to a better 'verse, thanks.


I'm not short, but:

*Here's some trivia for you: Know Thyself is carved into the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, as either a reminder to us mortals to be aware of our lowly place, or inspiration to us mortals to seek our innermost truths...depending on how you interpret the rest of what's at that temple.

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