Eye of the Week among the Fremen

I'm pulling out the subtle colors of the Printcess Science Fiction collection for today's Eye of the Week. This is Uplift on my brow bone and inner corner of my eyes (for added lift), and Spice over my lids. And mascara. Voila, done.

Unfortunately, the new house doesn't do much better with light in winter than the old one. I seriously need to invest in a Hollywood lighted vanity...

Here ya go- it's easier to see the true colors with the flash on.
As you can tell, Spice is a gorgeous metallic warm brown.

And Uplift SHINES
The shimmer of Spice is that warm pink/brown you see on the lids. The scattered blue shimmers are from Uplift.

This is my most neutral combo of SciFi collection colors, I think. And somehow it's also very Autumnal. Win win!

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