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Thanks to Plays Well with Coffee, for introducing me to 5 Fandom Friday, a geek-themed collective hosted by the Female Geek Bloggers Google+ community! This is my first time participating, so I wanted to share Katy's very clever Wonder Woman logo for the linkup:

This week's prompt: 
Favorite Seasonal Foods

This is new for me...I never was much of a pie gal until this year. I blame my introduction to Supernatural. Also, the opening of a pie shop down the street from our house.

It's now November, but it was just October a blink ago. And in Washington, October means apple harvest. And that means apple cider, boozed-up or non.

Ok, that one was a stretch. Turns out, ginger is not something easily referenced in geekness and fandoms. But I crave it anyway- candied, in my mocha, in my bread, you name it.

(kudos to whoever made these bottles. You rock, and Bing wouldn't tell me who you are. Sorry for the lack of credit!)

Do I crave Mudder's Milk in the cold dark season? Heck no. But "all the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma's best turkey dinner, plus 15% alcohol." more or less sums up my approach to food in general in Autumn.
(check here for an actually palatable home version of the Higgins Moon specialty)

I'm actually not a big pumpkin fan- I'm much happier with acorn, butternut or turban squash. But after trying Pumpkin Juice at WWoHP, served fizzy and cold...I'm hooked! Plus, it's super good for you. If I had the energy, I'd try this recipe to make it at home. Instead, I'll OD on it the next time I'm at the park.


I confess...
Gathering those minimalist geek designs for the button above introduced me to SO MANY new shops. I would like to buy all of those posters. I feel slightly guilty in using the artwork, but people....just Google "minimalist <fill in the blank>" and you'll find buckets of talented folk.
(grabby hands!)

I confess...
Where work was super emotional last week, and filled with people making me cry and barf, and barfcry, this week has been painfully tiring. With some public crying. That's stress with EBV for you: takes a minute to manifest, wreaks havoc with your health and sanity for weeks.

I confess...
Considering how extreme stress affects my health, and how upset health affects every other aspect of my life, it's been extra frustrating to know that a situation in which I'm powerless is also damaging my ability to function as a human being. Can I go run off and hide in WWoHP again?

I confess...

Thankfully, it won't last much longer. I'm ready to yank the Band-Aid off, myself.

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