Friday Confessional & 5 Fandom Friday

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This week's prompt: Black Friday NEEDS

1) I wasn't gonna collect Funkos, because I do not need more stuff. Also, we don't have our display space set up yet for the things we DO have, let alone a larger collection of geek stuff. But then I saw this at my local Bartell's...
(I resisted buying it...barely. But if there's a kicking Black Friday deal on these, I just know I'll go nuts for them. Look at his wee dinosaur!!)

2) I can't even express how badly I need more book shelves. Of course I want all the clever and geeky ones.

3) I don't know if it would help me be more writerly, but dammit if this USB Typewriter isn't so cool it makes me tingle. 

4) Lifetime season tickets to the Ashland, OR Shakespeare Festival (with accommodations and a way to easily/quickly get down there, since it's 7 hours south of me). Hey, a girl can dream ok?

5) This:   This:
And pretty much everything else at Hot Dame
(except the pencil skirts- I have a spare tire, and pencil skirts make me super ashamed of my body)


I confess...
I'm unfollowing a lot of blogs lately. Not because I'm upset with them, but because they've become empty. 
Stay authentic, guys. 
Don't sellout your blog, writing sponsored post after sponsored post that's clearly a promotion you got a paycheck from. And don't abandon your voice- your voice is your brand. 
I read your blog because I enjoy reading about your misadventures, learning from your wisdom, and taking part in your link ups. Maybe I even appreciate your affiliate links.
If I wanted a series of commercials, I'd get TV service.

I confess...
 I want to buy tickets for Fedora and I to attend New World Magischola, even more than I want to spend several thousand dollars on a wedding.
I'll be honest: wedding planning, and seeing how expensive everything is, makes me want to abandon it entirely. 
You don't need a party and a pretty dress to recognize that I'm a wife, right?

I confess...
I don't dare say that anywhere else, because if my mom heard that I'd rather elope than go into debt for what's basically just a catered party, she'd kill me.
So if you don't see any blog posts for a couple of weeks, check the backyard for a 6'x2' hole.

I kid, I kid.

My mom would totally dispose of my body in the desert.
(she's no fool. And we watched a lot of CSI.)

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