Handmade Love: Crazy Cat Lady

So we don't yet own cats, not since Fat Joe died. But soon, I hope, we'll have two. They'll both love Fedora, of course, because he's a cat in human form and the felines know it. But I can hope that one adopts me. Maybe. 

In the meantime, I need to stock up on handmade goods by people who understand...

1. Cat Math Mug by Knotwork

2. Sugar Skull Garland by Mayhem Here

3. Pastel Kitten Paws Necklace by Nerdy Little Secrets

4. Obsessive Cat Disorder Sweater by Teas and Tank You

5. Cat Hair in It Print by Classy Serifs

6. Sigmund Freud Cuff by Neurons Not Included

7. Cat University Hoodie by Fishbiscuit Designs

8. Cat Mug by Lenny Mud

9. Dr. Who TARDIS Cat House by Cacao Furniture

10. 13 Cats Engraved Rolling Pin by Happy Rolling Pin

11. Cat Wine Glass by Creative Blue Mushroom

12. Sterling Silver Cat Ring by Silver Linings by Noel

13. Cat Hair is My Glitter T-Shirt by Opal & Harv

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