Happy Online Shopping Day!

I know technically there's Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday....but to me, it's "here's 4 days of shopping bonanza". And since I shop 99% of the time online, and 80% of the time through small businesses, I wanted to share some of those amazing ones with you.

The following businesses have fantastic customer service, great products and reliably high quality. 
I can vouch for them because I've personally purchased items from them:

Jennifer's zip pouches are lovely, and really well-sewn. I've bought several and given many away as gifts, because they're perfectly sized for makeup, cash, cards, sewing or art supplies, etc.
Use the code BlackFriday40 to get 40% off everything!

Chick Pick Polish is hands-down (ha!) the best indie polish I've ever used. It is consistently great quality, low on chipping and staining and high on color and consistency. She's also got great customer service.
Free Shipping on orders $50 and up with code FREESHIP
Buy 3 Get 1 Free (polish and scent shots) with code B3G1
Free Gift with $25 purchase with code GIFT
Free Charm with $10 purchase with code CHARM
Free Scent Shot with purchase of 5 scent shots with code JUSTSHOTME
(add those free items to your cart before checkout, and the coupon will deduct the amount)

The shop is closed until 12/14, because Kat is on vacation, but I highly recommend everything here. I've purchased her designs and I've also had her custom-make designs...each time they were consistently high quality, beautiful, fast shipping and great communication. Plus, laser woodcut looks awesome.

I found these guys via Fandom of the Month Club Box, which they screen print the bags for. I've since ordered bags, shirts and totes from them. Their quality is always higher than I expect, and of course the geek designs are very fun.
Get 35% off your entire order with code THANKFUL

Bilingual Bunny supplied me with an amazing replica of Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem from the Harry Potter series, which I plan to wear at my wedding. At about half the price others were listing. And with no compromise in quality, nor errors that I could see.
She's also got fantastic charms and accessories for cosplay of all stripes!

All my geek friends are having kids, so this has become my go-to shop for original, handmade onesies and goodies. They're great quality, very sharp images and soft fabrics. Plus, the designs really stand out. I also have one of their light-up fairy bottles (in Heart of the TARDIS) that was custom made for me and I LOVE IT.
Everything is currently 15% off, plus get an additional 15% off 2+ items with code MANYMORE

I've received a lot of her jewelry via Fandom of the Month Club Box, but I also ordered the Wizarding Mug for Fedora. I'm always wary of "heat-activated" things, because in my experience they crap out early on. Not so with this! It's gotten a lot of use, and Fedora adores it. The same can be said for the geek jewelry I've gotten here.

If you want incredibly unique, gorgeous and functional mugs/goblets/drinking horns, this is your place. I've bought THREE here (a wolf for myself, a lion for Fedora, and a pig whistle mug for my mom). All arrived intact, quickly, and have seen a lot of use since. This gal is a true artist!

Speaking of amazing artists, Amy draws whimsical mermaids (in every pop culture reference you can imagine). She also does commissions- did an amazing print of an orca dancer for me, that is rich in color and detail.

I'm always up for discovering more handmade shops- what are YOUR favorites? What ones do you recommend?

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