Pine Bros. Dry Throat Drops & Why I Love 'Em

Pine Bros. drops are aimed at relieving dry throats...and when the weather is cold (and/or super dry) that's an ailment we all share! I love them because they're all natural- no additives, preservatives, or ingredients the medicine-sensitive among us might react to.

The active ingredient is glycerin, a totally non-toxic, sweet-tasting humectant/hygroscopic that attracts moisture. They taste like candy, honestly, but not the sickly-sweet kind.

The company has been in operation for 140 years, and recommend these for anyone with allergies, singers, actors, public speakers, frequent airplane travelers, musicians, chemo patients, SCUBA divers.....basically anyone whose regular activity dries out their throat.

Does it work? It has for me!

Does it taste good? Definitely. The honey is delicious, but my favorite is the Wild Cherry (second-fav is the Lemon Citrus). I didn't try licorice because I can't stand the taste of anise.

Are they convenient to keep with you? Absolutely! The bags are not resealable, however the tins are perfect- the top easily screws into place, and it carries a lot.

Are they big like lozenges or other medicine? Nope. They're small and 'softish', meaning they're chewy like a firm gummy candy.

So to sum up: These are my go-to when my throat is dry, or I'm craving something sweet to suck on that isn't loaded with sugar or corn syrup.

Need to grab some yourself, for the winter? They can be found in the cough drop aisle (though they aren't a cough drop) or on the Pine Bros. website.

(I received this product in exchange for my honest review, which was clearly that I love these and value them.)

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