12 Days of Christmas Swap Show-Off

For the Chaotic Goddess Swaps' 12 Days of Christmas swap, I was partnered with the quirky, fun, storied Laura at Buttontapper Press. She lives just east of my old home in San Diego, and is a published author, former sex columnist (in Montreal, which I was curious about), and lover of ninjas.

Check out the awesomeness that she got me:
I hadn't had kolachkies in over a decade!

Montreal-set Nancy Drew book (how she found this, I do not know!), spoken word CD and poetry book from Montreal poet, and a snarktastic guide to Montreal.

A water bottle...with a message in the bottle!

Chocolove brand Ginger Dark Chocolate. For those unfamiliar, this brand has a famous love letter, sonnet, etc. printed on the wrapper.

Two adorable wee stockings filled with wishes for 2016 (including travel, chocolate, and ninjas)

A CD mix tape of unconventional Christmas music. Take THAT, canned muzak at work!

As a lover of salty/sweet combinations, this was spot-on. I was drooling as I flipped through it, and it's inspired by New Year's Day dessert contribution to D&D.

You can never have too many journals! Especially cool, foreign-made ones.

So pretty! Closest to snow I'll get this season, I think...


The best of Black Heart Magazine short stories, poetry, author interviews, etc.
Laura is the editor-in-chief here!

We chatted about NYC (she lived there; I've never been), so she got me this fun sticker, plus a cool fridge magnet (for us old farts who remember when cameras looked like this and the amount of money you had to blow on film because every time someone blinked it ruined the shot was staggering).

Thanks so much, Laura! You helped make my Christmas very merry & bright! :)

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