5 Fandom Friday Confessional: It's Basically Christmas Now, Right?


I confess...
I don't normally shop during Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday (why does this have to be designated deal-day? Can't we just call it "massive sale week"?!). But I couldn't pass up this deal from Amazon for a Kindle Fire. Not after 4 glasses of wine, anyway!

My First e-Reader. D'awwwww.....

I confess....
They've still got a deal going on, guys.

(I can pretend this is a reference to Katniss Everdeen, even though it's just an affiliate link.)

This week's prompt is "Holiday Recommendations"

#1. Topping this list HAS to be my favorite holiday movie:

I adore Love Actually. It has holiday magic sweetness AND real-life sorrow. It has fantastic one-liners, diverse and intersecting stories, and great humor. It also has a full cast of British "Hey! I know that guy/gal!" actors.

#2. A capella Christmas music. It's aca-awesome. In particular, these two:

(because, to be frank, I DO need some damn Christmas spirit. Also, I have a soft spot for Auntie Mame. Blame my elementary school crush, who starred in it locally a few years he went on to be a Hollywood heartthrob, and then kill himself. Cheery!)

(because it's a hilarious classic and BOYS WITH PRETTY SINGING VOICES!)

#3. Fill a thermos with hot cocoa and drive around looking at the lights on houses in your town/'burb. 

This has been one of my favorite parts about the season since I was born (and I've been consistently a fan of very few things for those 34 years. Basically books, chocolate, and holiday lights).
Something about lights in the darkness just renews hope in my heart.

#4. Watch the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

I can't think of a single time when the Christmas episode was a real downer, or super serious (although maybe the Capaldi years are changing that?).
It's almost always very accessible, even for people not keeping up with the show, and silly.

#5. Altruism.

In my experience, more than at any other time of the year, acts of random kindness during Christmastime have a wide ripple affect. PLUS this can be done in a multitude of ways, and even involve fandoms.

Here're some examples, beyond just donating money to a cause:
Throw down enough money at the coffee shop to pay for 1+ people in line behind you
Volunteer to fold clothes at the local foster kids charity, or serve food at the local soup kitchen
Send Christmas cards (with or without a small gift card inside) to neighbors anonymously
Donate blood (and be vocal to others about it- this takes $0, no energy, and not that much time)
Let merging cars in, safely, every day (you'll be amazed how much acts of driving kindness perpetuate more acts of driving kindness)
Donate books to the prison, schools or libraries near you
Donate DVDs of your favorite fandom to charity fundraiser events
Donate washed blankets, towels, or new animal items (toys/food/etc.) to your local animal shelter

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