Book BINGO Recap

(I'm totally late with this- I thought it ended in Dec, when in fact it ended in Nov. Whoops! All of these were read Sep 1-Nov 30)

LGBTQIA: Hex Hall (Jenna)
Mental Illness: In the Woods
Religious Minority MC: A Murderous Procession
A Book You Borrowed: Silver (from the library)
Over 400 Pages: Uprooted (and good on every single one!)
Science Fiction: Armada
Water on the Cover: The Gracekeepers
Orange Cover: The Girl with All the Gifts
New-to-You Author: Breadcrumbs (Anne Ursu)
On Your Shelf for Over a Year: Wolf Hall
Set in Another Country: Demonglass (England)
LOL-worthy: Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink
Animal on the Cover: Spell Bound (cat)
New Adult: Waterproof
Author Shares my First Initial: Come As You Are (E, for Elizabeth)
Mystery: Bradstreet Gate
Set in a High School: Conversion
Sept/Oct/Nov Release: Texts from Jane Eyre
Black Cover: Dreams of Gods & Monsters
A Book About Dreams: The Giver
Historical Fiction: A Northern Light

Did you play along, as well? How'd you do?

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