Eye of the Week ...but Don't Panic!

If you've ever read Douglas Adams' irreverent scifi series, you know why I had to make an eyeshadow named after the super-strong intergalactic beverage. 

I admit, I was considering naming it after the drink's inventor, Zaphod Beeblebrox. But I didn't want anyone to think a side affect of wearing this would give you two heads, or anything.

The great thing about this quite neon-bright hue is the versatility. It can be a liner:

(worn with Spice over my lid, for a neutral look that pops just a bit)

Or an inner-eye-corner highlight to brighten your eyes:

Or worn on your lids, if you're going for a Loud 'n' Proud look:
(with eyeliner over)

(indoor lighting makes it look more gold, outdoor lighting makes it look more green)

You can find Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and the rest of my newest collection at Printcess.net

All of these looks include Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Mascara which, since my recent major eyesight/blindness issue, is the ONLY mascara I will wear.

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