Five Fandom Friday Confessional: Decking Halls

This week's theme is "Holiday Decorations" WHICH dovetails nicely with my geekery.

#1. Our geek-ornamented tree, which we'll be adding to every year. Fandoms/geekness currently represented: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, H.P. Lovecraft, Playstation gaming, coffee, reading, kitties, dinosaurs

#2. Christmas-themed mantle. Not fandom or geeky (those are done the other 11 months of the year), but holiday-esque all the same.

#3. Beauty and the Beast (1980's TV show) candelabra. These are hand-dipped Winterfest candles collected from BatB conventions.

#4. Uhm....random decor. It's pretty, I'm putting it up!

#5. This is how I dress for holiday festivities.
(props to my oldest bro, who found me this All the Whos in Whoville shirt. Yes, that is all of them represented, through Matt Smith)


I confess...
(or whatever you celebrate, probably belatedly because Christmas is more or less the last of the holiday celebrations, chronologically-speaking).

Plenty has happened this week, but I'm exhausted and way, way too busy to confess anything other than my wishes for you.
(too much feasting...time for a nap!)

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