Five Fandom Friday Confessional: Tradition Kittens


I confess...
For those of you who stalk my Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen this, but.....last Sunday, we adopted two kittens!

I confess...
I'm so very grateful to the dedicated (small) team of volunteers at Whisker City! If we lived closer, I'd be all over keeping their social media updated. They're an amazing rescue group, and (surprisingly, because Seattle is FILLED with these) not at all bitchy about adopting.

I confess...
I'm totally in love with Nicodemus and Tika. They're amazing cats- Nico is SO smart, and affectionate, and fearless. Tika is fierce, and amusing (and soft as a rabbit).
Leaving them in the mornings to go to work sucks.
Tika enjoys her book fort

Last night we all enjoyed a bit of Bob Ross

Especially Nicodemus...

He wanted to paint happy trees and mountains

This week's prompt is "Holiday Traditions"
(prepare for a long post)

#1. Fedora and I spend Christmas Eve with his family (about 3 hours west of us), eating, socializing, and playing a sort of white elephant game with dice. We listen to Jackie Kashian's fantastic podcast, The Dork Forest, on the long drive there and back.
(I'm totally Dean in this hypothetical situation)

#2. We drive to my side of the family's celebration hub for food, gifts, games, and a LOT of booze. I mean a LOT
My dad usually brings amazing, high-quality wine, my sis crafts creatively delicious (and not too sweet) cocktails, my oldest bro makes mimosas...the good thing is, we're all of us happy and giggly when we're drunk.

#3. Previously, when it was just our wee family of 5, pre-divorce, we'd open stockings, have the best eggs benedict (my dad is a master at hollandaise sauce), then take turns opening gifts in rounds, then nosh and take a walk around the neighborhood, then have a huge dinner, then go to bed around midnight.
(We're too old for that level of gluttony now)

#4. We've started a new tradition, with the arrival of Fedora's and my first Christmas tree. 
GEEK ORNAMENTS! We've even conceived of an Eye of Sauron tree topper.
(which is to say, we've talked about it, and I figured out how it could be made, but you know neither of us is skilled enough to actually make it.)
(courtesy of my 12 Days of Christmas swap partner last year, the talented Stitch Bitch)

#5. This isn't our tradition (although I wish it were, because it's a blast for a history and costuming dork like me), but there's a great historic Christmas event that happens near us during the first weekend of December: 
Fort Nisqually's 19th Century Christmas
If you're ever in Seattle or Tacoma area during this, I highly recommend it!

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