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Book and a Cuppa Swap Sign-Ups at Chaotic Goddess Swaps

So when Angie and I sat down (virtually) to chat about 2016's swap themes for Chaotic Goddess Swaps, we decided we wanted to change things up a bit with four new swaps...and this is the first of those! Everyone loves book swaps, and we love a mug swap, and January is the ideal time to hunker down at home with a good book and a hot cuppa. Hence, the Book & a Cuppa Swap!

What do I send/receive?

1 mug (in your partner's style)
1 book (from your partner's wishlist)
Other book/mug-related goodies
(for inspiration see our mug-based Pinterest board and book-based Pinterest board; this can also be consumables like tea, cocoa, cider or coffee, etc.)

How expensive will this be?

Your package must cost you $15-$30 BEFORE SHIPPING (to ensure relative value between partners).
(If you want to spend more than that, fine, but no bitching if your partner sends you a package worth $15 and you sent her one worth $50, OK?)

What about shipping?

You have to have to have to get a tracking number. This is super easy, because USPS automatically gives you on for most package shipment options (like First Class). Then you take that tracking number and email it to and to your partner. I highly recommend you pack the mug with bubble wrap and secure it in the box.

What if my partner prefers ebooks?

Great question! You can buy her an ebook from her wishlist, and set it to deliver whichever day you'd like. You do still need to send her a mug and misc. mug/book-related goodies, though.

What're the dates?

Signups run January 4th-11th, and your package must be shipped by (or on) January 23rd.

Other stuff:

Because we love you, we've adapted the rule about posting about the swap. Now, you have the option to EITHER include the swap button and a link to the swap signup in a blog post, OR put the button with link in your sidebar for the entire length of the swap (in this case, that's January 4th-30th).

I got my box! Now what?

Post about it! Please include photos of your goodies, a link to your partner's blog, a link to Chaotic Goddess Swaps, and the swap button.

Why all this required posting?

Because swaps are meant to connect you with other bloggers, to make new friends as well as have fun. And if only the same 10 bloggers know about the swaps, that doesn't happen. Boosting the signal means giving interested folks a chance to join, and of course the recap post also gives your partner a chance to see that you got and (hopefully) like what they chose for you.

See you in the swap, lovelies!

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