Eye of the Week with a Cowboy

I don't know about you, but I learned to wear makeup from an Avon lady my best friend's mom knew, who did makeovers for our 13th birthday. 

So the first way I learned to apply blue eyeshadow (yes...that was a thing) was in horizontal layers. This was the fad back then, which has given was to vertical layers now (think "smokey eye"). But it can still be fun when playing with colors.

Given the yellow tones in my skin, I thought I'd try Rawhide as a middle layer. The darker the shade, generally, the more deep and shadowed your eyes will look...so I wanted something light and ridiculous. I have deep-set eyes already, so a lot of color gets lost when applied conservatively.

I used Rogue on my lids because it's a lovely red/brown that gets no love.

I used Heist as a brow bone highlighter, and one layer of Ava Anderson non-toxic mascara.

Going for something more subtle? Make Rawhide a thinner layer, just along the crease, then add another horiztonal layer just above it of something more flesh-toned, like Evidence.

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