Eye of the Week with that Girl Scouts Song

Was anyone else a Girl Scout? There's this song they teach you, and then you sing in the round, about making new friends and keeping the old.

Aha! Bet it's stuck in your head now, too.

So I thought...what if I mixed a cool-toned shimmery silver (Avalon) with a bright shimmery yellow (Vigilante)?

This is Avalon all over my lids, with Vigilante as a full liner on top, in the bottom third, and winged out. And two coats of my Ava Anderson non-toxic mascara.

I kinda like it! I winged Vigilante out a lot, to make it more visible AND to give my eyes a good lift. To do this, I used a damp flat-edge brush (like this one) to pick up a bit of the product and daub it on.

One is silver and the other gold!

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