My 2016 in Reading Challenges

So you know that I co-blog over here with Angie and Kenzie, sharing our mutual love of books. Ideally, I'll still blog about books here as well (but no more Novels in November) because books keep me sane.

But I also wanted to share the 2016 Reading Challenges I'm participating in, in case they'll help you pick what to read next (as they help me). 
(I'll be posting the recaps over at Page a Vu, since it's an all-things-bookish blog.)

In no particular order, they are:

Complete colored "paths" and earn adorable badges plus entries into a book giveaway!

Each of the five paths contains elements from one book that inspired it (for instance, the path for The Hobbit last round had: A Character Death, A Classic Novel, Book with a Mountain, and Book with a Fictional Language in it)

I think the most fun with this one is trying to guess the book that inspired the path, based on the clues.

The best thing about audiobooks (aside from the fact that I can check them out from the library for free) is that I can be in another world entirely while I'm driving on my commute, walking to and from work, or doing chores. 

You do take a chance that the narrator may kill the book for you- not gonna lie, I've experienced that myself- but I find I go through a book more quickly when listening to it.

I'm aiming for 28 this year.

Who doesn't have a TBR pile they wish was smaller?
This one comes with optional participation in a book club, as well as giveaways and support via Twitter (#2016TBRPile).

My bookshelf is two-books-deep and it's driving me nuts. 

While converting all my books over to my new Kindle Fire (which undoubtedly will take me a few years), I'm going to dive into my TBR pile and focus on reading these PRIMARILY this year. Even when that means borrowing e-books and audiobooks of titles I already have on the shelf.

I'm aiming for 32 this year.

This is another fun one that helps guide me toward what I want to read next. It also gives my Virgo organization/analytical/checking-off-boxes self a safe haven.
Plus! Giveaway.
And who doesn't love BINGO?

And last, but not least....
The Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge!
Last year, I set the bar at 60 books (because that's what it was in 2014, and I happily surpassed it). When I hit 60, I raised it to 100...mostly because that's a nice, round, even number.
And then I stressed all throughout December because I was EIGHT BOOKS FROM MY GOAL. Tantalizingly close, but too many to read in my limited free time.

So this year, I'm aiming for 70, which is the average of my yearly number of books read since 2011.

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