ABCs of Me

How about another random 'getting to know you' meme? Thanks to Kenzie over at Chasing My Extraordinary for the fun.

I've loved acting since I could remember. The espirit de corps, the absolute rush of being on stage, the magic of creating an entire world out of words on a page. I just can't sing worth beans and have horrible anxiety dancing in public- no triple threat, I.

I'm the baby of the family, frustratingly to my middle brother. Also the only girl, so I'm often accused of being spoiled. Or, as I like to call it, "smart enough not to repeat the stupidity of my elder siblings".

I love it. All of it. It's why I paint my nails weekly (or weakly), and why I make eye shadow. To me, color is an expression of life.


Guide Dogs...
Age 9-16, I raised and trained Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was the only way I could think to get my parents to let me have a dog. I thought I was hoodwinking them...little did I realize I would learn a whop-ton about leadership, animal behavior, psychology, teamwork, and community. It's possibly the best thing I've done with my life to date.


Northanger Abbey...
My favorite Jane Austen novel. I usually find naive heroines frustrating, but for some reason I've always found Catherine Morland's hopeful, imaginative voice to be charming. Even as I shake my head at her jumping to conclusions, I recall how very like her I was for most of my life.

Orca Whales...
I've loved, respected and admired orca whales since I was a child. Meeting the Southern Residents here in the Puget Sound when I was 15 years old was a life-changing event. They feel, to me, like home. And they're endlessly fascinating.

My mineral makeup company- the side business I do for fun, hand mixing minerals to create amazing powders that can be used as eye shadow, nail polish, lip tint, blush, contour, highlighter, and more.


Renaissance Faires...
As a romantic with a passion for history, I fell in love with Ren Faires around age 13. I donated so much of my time and money, as a participant (with the Archers of Ravenwood and The Wild guilds) at faires from March to October, every year, for about 16 years straight. I still love them, but I lack the energy to attend (and frankly, Washington state has very little choice in the way of good Ren Faires).

As a toddler, this was my word for strawberries (which I have loved my entire life) and spiders (which I was terrified of for the first 27 years of my life). Spiders and I now have a wary peace between us (I try to catch them and let them go outside), but strawberries will always be my noms.

Of all the instruments I've ever played in my life, I was the best at trumpet. I could have gone professional, had I not killed my embouchure by getting braces. Then my band director asked me to switch to euphonium because the band needed more low brass (and, ever the pleaser, I of course gave up my passion for trumpet to do something that ended up making me miserable).


Since I was about 8 years old, I've been writing stories. I stink at poetry, but writing stories has always been cathartic (and I'm apparently good at it). Somewhere in the past 4 years, I fell out of the habit, but I'm rectifying that this year. I'm aiming for novel #8- this one, to submit for publication.

My favorite comic book series, although I haven't read a hundredth of what's out there. I love ensemble casts and the concept of mutant powers, and strength through things other than muscles or being the smartest person in the room.


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