Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 171 lbs.
Current Weight: 170 lbs.

(Wahoo! C'mon baby, down to the 160s!)

The good:
I wogged this week. And I amped up my game. Brandy keeps inspiring me. Seriously, I WILL jog 10 minutes at a stretch. And soon. Also, I got a fair bit of walking in on Tuesday and will spend most of today walking around.

The bad:
I had too many vanilla soy lattes on Tuesday, I've jumped into having a bowl of Wheaties for brunch every day this week, and I splurged with a guacamole jalapeno burger on Tuesday (did I wonder why Lynx didn't want to kiss me? Oy). And today is the county Spring fair...can we say 'fried things on a stick'?

BUT I think this weight mostly came off because I've had a happy week. Lots of grinning and giggling, and less eating from boredom and stress. Long may the happiness continue!