Fat Ass Friday

It's my first Fat Ass Friday at my parents', with my mom's uber fancy scale. I was nervous about stepping on that bit of plastic.

On the one hand, I did a lot of moving around, lifting heavy objects, running up and down stairs, and a whole lot of forgetting to eat for a week. On the other hand, when I did eat it tended to be fast food (yuck), and we all know that stress makes you retain.

Previous Weight: 170 lbs
Current Weight: 168.4 lbs

I can't even express how joyous it is for me to be in the 160s again, for the first time in years. I'm hoping the downward progression continues (at least until 150 lbs), but for now I'm dancing in my chair.

Here's my celebration song. Oh yeah, baby!

Thanks as ever to the inspiring Fat Chick Wogging, Brandy at You Don't Know. And to all the other ladies out there who are eating less, eating healthier, and moving more...whether you see the progress or not, your body thanks you!