For Me, For You

My So-Called Chaos gave me an award! Wahoo!
You say "versatile", I say "confused and meandering". :P

[when a nominee accepts her award, she must present 7 facts about herself, and then nominate 15 newly discovered blogs to check out] 

So here's the facts:
  1. Heights make me uncomfortable. Not just me being on a ledge, but seeing other people on ledges. I kind of freak out a little bit.
  2. The last episode of Glee season 1 made me cry. I tend to get misty-eyed on tear-jerker episodes of everything, including good books. 
  3. No matter how broke I am, I will always find some money to buy a few used books. It's a compulsion, and addiction, but I'm not ashamed of my bibliophageness.
  4. I sew because I love dressing in different costumes, and dressing other people up. The act of sewing is usually frustrating and time-consuming for me.
  5. Although I connect deeply with orca whales, Bear and Lioness are also a large part of me. I usually use them as spirit guides and as an adjective ("I'm very Lioness today").
  6. If I could make $50,000/year or more and have a good benefits package, I would wench as a career choice. Even when the cleavage makes it's natural trek southward in my old age, I can rock the ale wench thing.
  7. I am super analytical. I have played through in my head every conceivable outcome and scenario to every event and occurrence in my day to day life, past, present, and future. I lovingly refer to this as "that Virgo thing".
I also have to tag 15 bloggers who I feel are versatile: 
  1. Camille from Camille Yanair
  2. Alaine from Queen of Happy Endings
  3. Amber from Amber's Adventures and Shenanigans
  4. Amy from Amy on Tour
  5. April from Apple Loves Orange
  6. Ricki from Art @ Home
  7. Impulsive Addict from Confessions from an Impulsive Addict
  8. Stacy from Every Little Thing
  9. Kate from Feathering the Crow Nest
  10. Bracey from Handmade and Lovely
  11. Aubrey from High-Heeled Love
  12. Jen from Jenerally Speaking
  13. Mandy from Mandy's Marvelous Musings
  14. Morgana from See Morgana Blog
  15. Libby from The Middlest Sister
It was really hard to only pick 15....there are so many amazing, versatile, talented bloggers out there!