Friday Confessional


I confess...
I am *still* excited about the Handmade for You Swaparoo! Haven't signed up yet? Head over to My So-Called Chaos and get yourself some handmade love. :)

(Kitty yoga in action!)

I confess...
I really need to get Lucy into a good home before I leave. I've put the word out and about, but so far no takers. What am I going to do with my little Lucyfur if April 27th arrives and no one has adopted her?

(Wee addictive bastards!)

I confess...
I may have eaten a quarter of a bag of Hershey's candy-covered chocolate eggs in one sitting tonight. I blame frustrated sexual desire.

(No one is ever this happy during a move. No one.)

I confess...
I have not gone wogging a single time this week. I'm too swamped with and exhausted from constantly packing and moving things into the garage. Does that count as muscle-building exercise, or just laziness?

(I need to see the lioness inside myself, every day)

I confess...
I think the source of my physical insecurity lies in the fact that I mold my life around pleasing others by meeting their expectations, but society's expectation of a fully perfect woman is utterly unattainable. Thus, I am continually frustrated and feeling inadequate. Make sense?

(Story of my freaking life.)

I confess...
There was a total hottie-from-afar sitting at the computers in the library. We made eye contact....and then I panicked, ducked my head down, and sat utterly still trying to ignore myself out of existence. Once I could breathe normally again, I double-checked, and was actually much less attractive when viewed at a closer angle. So maybe my radar was picking up on that?

(Although this picture is a can chocolate cake be a failure...ever?)

I confess...
Acorn squash + butternut squash + 2 cans of coconut milk + 1 can diced tomatoes + curry paste + frozen shrimp + frozen carrots + rice noodles does not equal soup.
It equals a casserole in a large pot, minus any cheese. 
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!