Friday Confessional


Finally, I have a juicy Friday Confessional for you.

But first:
(just had to get that out of my system)

I confess...
I may or may not have "accidentally" brushed my front against Lynx's back on our first date. I may or may not have also stuck my butt out a bit while he was reading the back of my shirt. I know, I'm a shameless hussy.

I confess...
I got a total self-esteem high from reading the vlog comments. I need to take you gals everywhere with me- you make a great pep squad! ;)
(Why? Because I can)

I confess...
I keep randomly slipping into Bad Romanian Accent now. Maybe from the vlog. Maybe from teasing Lynx with it. *ahem*
Can we vlog more???
(Sage advice)

I confess...
I may have gotten a little sick from having THREE soy lattes on top of my morning cup of coffee during my date. I'm, uh....I'm allergic to soy, guys. That was really not smart of me. Apparently I get stupid while on dates.

I confess...
I may have put a serious dent in Lynx's desire to see me again, by criticizing his end-of-date kiss. 
What? I'm a Virgo! We do that!
And anyway, it was a little peck and I was hoping for something more.
Yeah, I know.....not an excuse. Mrf.
(we only look sweet and innocent...)

I confess...
I am watching Glee now. A lot. It's my little self-reward after applying to 3 jobs per day. I'm such a dork! Anyway, I love it because of the music. Not at all because of this guy.
(pitter patter goes the...uhm...heart)

I confess...
I may be currently searching for an affordable cute matching bra and panty set to wear on my next date with Lynx.
What? I didn't say HE'D see them.