Friday Confessional


Hide your women and horses, it's Friday Confessional time!

(That's a hum dinger)

I confess...
While watching the stand up comedy vid of Hal Sparks that Miss Angie posted, I laughed so hard I farted. More than once.

What? It's a funny routine, and I've had a lot of soy lately. Don't judge.

(Hello, gorgeous)

(If you're sexy and you know it, raise your thumbs!)   
I confess...
Those internet crushes, wildly dissimilar as they are, are still going strong. One doesn't know I exist, the other has neatly categorized me in that "nice girl, big rack, don't care to know more" category (I hate being a cautionary tale). Still, it's nice to watch from afar and admire their talents and *ahem* talents.

(Here, have a visual explanation of a writing term)

I confess...
I feel like I'm in the denouement of the first book of the trilogy of my life. I'm in a lull, waiting for the sequel. 

I am free of all ties (job, home, pet, significant other, children, possessions) and thus able to blow where the wind takes me. I'm less frightened than bored and expectant.

(How about "Renaissance Ale House", PBS?)

I confess...
I'm secretly hoping that there will be a living history reality tv show, like Regency House Party, set in ANY time period, that I am about to be cast in. And that's the reason for this clearing of all ties in my life.

Or maybe that Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome with a Cool Million is about to sweep into my life and take me for a whirlwind world tour.

Either way, I'm okay and ready for it. Bring it on, Universe.

*(These photos don't belong to me. Not even the one OF me, technically. Please don't sue me.)