Handmade for You Swaparoo Begins!

Are you excited? I'm excited!

Signups for the Handmade for You Swaparoo are now active over at My So-Called Chaos.
You only have until April 11th to sign up, so don't delay!

How does this thing work? Simple!

Step 1. You sign up.
Step 2. I send you a questionnaire so we can match you with another amazing blogger.
Step 3. You send me back the complete questionnaire.
Step 4. I send you the info for your partner.
Step 5. You have from April 15th to May 6th to make some handmade goodies.
Step 6. You send your package to your partner on May 6th or 7th.
Step 7. We'll make a big ol' linky party for everyone when they get their packages, so we can all oooh and aaahhhhh over those unique lovelies!

Do you need to be some handcrafting guru ninja to participate
Heck no!

Here are just a few items that would count as 'handmade':
Anything you made using fiber arts (sewing through crocheting and beyond), jewelry you made, art that you painted, sonnets you composed, picture frames you prettified, art photos you took, a professional blog redesign for your partner, cookies you baked (as long as they aren't going to arrive stale or in pieces), a recording of a song you sung for your partner, accessories you created, bath products you made, candles, holiday decorations...the list goes on and on. 

Do you have to make it yourself?
Well, no. I mean, it would be awesome if you did (because everyone loves that handmade, straight-from-the-heart stuff), but we understand that some of you feel intimidated/lack time/lack materials/etc. 

Not to worry! We'll also count it if you buy something handmade from Etsy or ArtFire, or from a local artist/crafter in your area. The only qualifier is that it's handmade. 

What about the giveaway?
TWO lucky winners will receive something special from Miss Angie and myself. Throughout the swap, we'll have little extras that you can do to earn entries into the giveaway. And of course, just for participating in the swap you get an entry. It's our way of saying THANK YOU. :)

What are you waiting for? Head on over to My So-Called Chaos and sign up!