More BSG!

The date last night went okay. Lynx had a migraine, so we cut it short and left it neutral. You could say I pansied out of launching a full-on lip assault, but I prefer to say that I respected his level of stress and kept my distance to keep the pressure off.


Anyway, here's to hoping the next date goes well. He says he owes me half an evening, after having to bail on me. Of course, we're still trying to find fun things to do. What kind of dates do adults go on during the week, in the late afternoon and evening, with cold weather limiting activity? All we've come up with is walking around a park, walking around the mall, and eating. Help!

And, of course, the point of this post. This song, I love. It makes me weepy, it makes me close my eyes and imagine, and it makes me love Bear McCreary that much more. Whether you've seen the show or not, this is a moving piece of bittersweet bent. Enjoy.

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