Musical Monday: All Along the Watchtower

You wanna see my geeky side? It is ALL OVER this post.

I adore Bear McCreary. He's an amazing composer (and pretty damned is his wife) who brought a level of music awesomeness to one of my favorite all-time shows, Battlestar Galactica.

I can listen to every season's soundtrack for hours at a time. I had the life-changing pleasure of seeing the BSG concert band perform live in San Diego a few years ago, and it was the most amazing concert experience of my life. It was like the entire band made love to the audience through the medium of music. It was amazing.

This song arrives at a pivotal point in the series, so part of my love of it is an obsession with that "aha" moment. And the visual that accompanies it in the series (which always gives me shivers). But some of you may recognize this as a more bad-ass version of Bob Dylan's iconic "All Along the Watchtower".


(And for extra geekiness, this song comes before All Along the Watchtower, and crosses into it...the taiko drums in it are like a primal drive....I love it):