You gals are so sweet!

I was out most of the day on my date with Arquette, whom I shall henceforth be nicknaming Lynx (though it ought to be Catnip....sheesh!). As a result, I couldn't watch all the vlogs...I will tomorrow, though! But occasionally throughout the day, when he was otherwise occupied, I'd check my emailed comments.

You gals are such sweethearts! I love how supportive and loving this bloggy community is. You guys kept me saying "awwww" and giggling with your flattering and amusing comments. It really makes me want to do this vlog thing more often. Like weekly. Mamarazzi? Shawn? :D

Anyway, I will be responding to emails and watching all vlogs tomorrow, but I wanted to get a shout out to you fine ladies before I nod off. I really wish we could all have a GNO sometime!

(And the date with Lynx was really fun. I haven't laughed that much in ages, nor been flirted with so much. He's a delightful mix of gentleman and rogue, which provides me with another fist-shaking-to-the-sky reason to not leave. Harumph.)

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