...And I wasn't even showing my boobs!

The Dust Up went fabulously. I even had a milkshake! So naughty.

Dad got up in the air, which made him happy.
Mom got out to explore town, which made her happy.
And I got halfway through a novel, a bit of a sunburn, some lovely food, two glasses of red wine, and flirts with two attractive men. So I'm very happy.

One is Russian (if he'd said Ns'sdrovya, I would have swooned), and one is a redhead with green eyes. Can you beat that? I don't think so.
(now that's a swoon!)

I got a solid few minutes of compliments about how my eyes were turquoise in the setting sun (bask bask bask) but I chickened out of asking either one for their number.

Why? Because, my friends, I am a pansy. If you are interested in a boy, I will physically shove you toward him. But me? I will temporize and hem and hang back and convince myself how badly it would go.
(quick! Hide behind an afghan!)

Even if my entire family is encouraging me to get digits.
Yes, they were all in on it.
I may have been less than subtle about my attraction to those two.
(my nemesis)

But anyway, my holiday weekend went well. How about yours?

*these aren't my images, please don't shoot me!

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