Friday Confessional


Thank the gods Blogger is back in business, so I can fully celebrate Friday...with some little secret confessions!

I confess...
I could use a nap. Or perhaps I should mainline some coffee.

I confess...
I'm happy, but a bit hungover from yesterday's date.

We didn't drink, and I was home by 7pm.

But it was THAT high-energy, and fun, and active. And when I got home, I was too giddy and glowing to sleep, until 1am. 

I confess...
I think wearing three beautiful turquoise pieces may have contributed to the high energy state. I am impressed by the amount of charge Isha got into those earrings. Impressed, and grateful.

I confess...
I am a big dork, who said things like "Stargate Enice", instead of "Stargate Universe", and probably a host of other stupidities. Sometimes, when I'm moving at 90 mph of joy, I sound like a complete and utter idiot. I hope it's more charming than ditzy.

I confess...
Although I love my mom dearly and share way too much information with her, I do miss having a female friend or two that I can take to coffee, GNOs, spaz to about my date, etc. More and more, I am missing the company of friends, and specifically of womenfolk.

I confess...
I don't think I know how to make friends as an adult.

I remember how it happened in college, and rarely it has happened through work...but now I'm at a total loss.

Being transitory does not help with this.

I confess...
After I finish this, I am going to sit in the sunshine and read my book instead of working out. Because sometimes you just have to be a slacker.

So, fellow internet vixens...what's YOUR confession?

(as always, I do not own these pictures. They are awesome, but they are not mine. Please borrow gently.)