Friday Confessional


I confess...
That I wept, raged, and analyzed the hell out of every moment Spokaneboy and I connected, for a full 24 hours. And then I got over it.

I am nothing if not efficient with my time.

I confess...
I'm damned tired of the constant job hunting, and the constant rejections. The next time an economist or politician talks about how the recession is over or employment is on the rise...I will punch them in the nose.

I confess...
I was scraping the bottom of the OkCupid barrel today- there just aren't that many single men in my area- when I came across a cowboy. A COWBOY. I skipped over that whole "only 53% match" part and focused on the hat and chaps.

I'm so shallow.

I have no problem with this fact. :)

I confess...
I miss kissing. I have a layer of dust on my lips about an inch thick.
I have been fighting the urge to drive to Oberon's and attempt to steal a kiss.
If this doesn't pass soon, I'll be making out with my hand.

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