Handmade for You Swaparoo (repost after Blogger ate our originals)

For the Handmade for You Swaparoo swap, hosted by Miss Angie and myself, my partner was the lovely Isha from Maiden to Mother.

Where do I begin? Isha is one of those people who, if it weren't for distance, I'd be spending a lot of time with. We have similar beliefs, and our communication pretty much clicked instantly. She's deeply intuitive, and caring.

If we were Shoshone, she'd be the wise woman/shaman. If we were Hellenes, she'd be a Priestess (of Hekate, I'm sure). She's one of those people that, although technically younger, is definitely keyed into something ancient and vibrant.

Isha is, for those that don't know her, very creative and definitely fae. She has laid both artistic beauty and pointed intention into her swap gifts for me, and it shows.

Check out these pretties:
(She put them all in a gorgeous gift bag!)

(Gorgeous turquoise and obsidian earrings, which go perfectly with my turquoise bracelet and necklace. Wonderful intent for compassion, purification, love, positive thinking, health, and energy!)

(I love this necklace. It is unlike anything I have, and gorgeous! It's rhodochrosite, labradorite, golden jasper, and sodalite. Amazingly calming and focusing, but also a great blend of beauty and purpose.)

(As Isha wrote, it's impossible to stay upset while wearing this beauty.)

(A satchel she filled with magick, stones, and herbs. It contains a bajillion items, and they have a lovely cool desert smell. I have already used it a few times, and it's still going strong!)

(Desert sage she hand picked, for smudging. HAND PICKED. I am amazed.)

Thank you, Isha, for your lovely and thoughtful gifts! Your intuition on who a person is, and what they need, is truly inspiring. I am really grateful that I got a chance to meet you via this swap!